International Days of Whatnot - you can’t live with ‘em, but you can’t live without ‘em. And neither can the brands that live on Facebook. So what really creates eye contact with Facebookers who’ve got almost as many viewing choices as the CIA? - Content that speaks the unspoken and makes conversations about the unexpected.

Indian dads and their kids don’t always express love and affection overtly. So, for Father’s Day, we encouraged children to tell their fathers how they really feel by sending them their ‘Dad Drafts’. 

Kids often forget that their moms were once fun teenagers too. This Mother's Day, here's to kids and mothers being able to build an open relationship filled with understanding, support and trust. 
#MothersDay #LoveYouMom

Celebrate both sides of your mom with beautiful gifts from

This 26th January, what IS important
ISN'T what Milan thinks or New York dictates.
It isn't what you see in the mirror, the Likes on profile pictures, or the #OOTD.
Today, what must trend, is RESPECT.
Raise your hand. Raise a salute. Join us in saluting India. #RepublicDay2017

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